Saturday, 11 August 2012

We must start living from the heart

Kiesha ‘Little Grandmother’ Crowther

From a talk in Zurich, November 2010

“Instead of living in fear the grandfathers are telling us to start living from the heart [not from the mind] because the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. If we start being love, we get the answers of how to save our planet. Then we get to stay. If we do not our children will not have a future. This reality is our situation.”

God made your soul and your soul lives in you. You are God. Every single one of us has a great I AM. And it was your great I AM that decided to send you here. You chose to come. Ask yourselves, ‘Why did I choose to come?’ Your great I AM is in charge of you down here. You decided to send a spark of you here to planet Earth. And every experience you have, every interaction with another person or plant or animal is an experience your great I AM is handing you. And, so there are no mistakes and there is no since. You are here to learn. Earth life is a school. Everything that you experience very day whether it looks good or bad is a learning experience. And you can learn and grow from every experience whether it looks good or bad, hard or easy. So, truly understand who you are. You are God and Goddess. So, if I am God and Goddess on my own journey, given to me by my own great I AM for my greatest learning, then you cannot judge another human being and no one can judge you. You are perfect. All life is about learning and growth. You might not like the choices your neighbour is making but they are learning the exact lessons they need to learn. And, in knowing this, you become free. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about you. And we have no right to judge anyone else. We are all on our separate journeys, learning and experiencing and growing. My grandfathers told me one day, ‘It is none of your business what other people think of you. And they were absolutely right.

Do you know that your status in your community does not matter? How much money you make does not matter. This is all made by ego. And living from ego is the wrong way to live. Only ego separates you from God because manmade religion taught us that we are separate from God. And leaders of religion took your power away from you. Religion takes the power away from the individual, separates you from God, takes the power away from your earthly life and even your afterlife. Do not give them your power anymore. No one has the right to tell you whether you are worthy of God or not. You are powerful co-creators of your existence. We are being asked to stop living from the mind and the ego and to start living from the heart once again.

The biggest wound on planet Earth for all of humanity is we do not love ourselves. Who are you really? And do you love that person? It is the biggest wound on planet Earth. If you have no one else to reflect on you that you are loveable, likeable and worthy, do you still believe you are loveable and worthy? But our wounds do not make us ugly; they make us strong. And we’ve all done things that we think are a mistake but we have to stop looking at it as a mistake and look at it as this was a learning opportunity. And we can let go of self-hatred or self-doubt. And you can remember that you are part of God and beautiful. We must love one another because we really are brothers and sisters. We all share one Mother and we are all born of God.

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