Saturday, 18 August 2012

All Knowledge Is Within You

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, August 2012  
Beloved ones, all of the knowledge of all of the world is within you. And you know, to tap into it, you do not have to read another thing. You do not have to go to another workshop. You do not have to have another therapy.

Do you realize that all of that is simply stories that you hook into so that you will not have to feel? Well, if you will not feel, you will never come to know the Gods and Goddesses that you are.

We do not tell you anything that has not been said to you a thousand times before. We do not say anything which has not been said to the humanities for eons of time. It is simply that you do not hear. You are so busy in your mind saying 'but' and 'if', so busy hooking into the stories, that you do not hear. And you do not hear because you are terrified of giving up that which you call the addiction to your condition now.

What we tell you is the utmost simplicity. What we tell you works. What we tell is that which will create freedom - free dominion - freedom from fear, freedom to be who you are.

What we offer you is simply a reminder that you create it all. If you really desire change, if you truly, truly want freedom, all there is to do is to begin to be. It is not so difficult.

And when you forget to be, that is all right - do not run what is called 'heavy judgment' and do not worry that you will miss the boat. You will not. You have already committed yourself to the change simply by birthing yourself here and now.

So it is not that you will miss out. And when you miss an opportunity to transmute the pain, to embrace the fear, that is all right. There is only one thing that you can be absolutely sure of and that is you will re-create the situation again, hmm!

And time does not matter. What is it that is hurry? There is no hurry because time, outside of this time-space continuum, it is all occurring at the same time.

This life was meant to be easy. This life was meant to be joyful. This life was meant to be played. Are you ready to give up the struggle? Ready to start playing? Ready to embrace that babe within you that is so afraid? Are you ready, really, to be who you are?

"It would be nice if i could just frantically smash down ctrl+alt+delete to solve my problems but alas life isn’t a windows operating system." - Kitty.

You see, beloved people, are you ready to stop being spiritual, to stop playing the game? Because while you are busy being spiritual, while you are busy being this person that you feel you should be, while you are busy taking all of what are called belief structures from your religion and from the social structure and bringing them into what is called this new religion, called New Age, you are not being who you are. You are simply re-creating other structures within that framework of belief to keep you from feeling, because all the structures feel safe.

Even the fear feels safe because you know it. The pain and the anguish that you have known from your birthing feels safe. You know it. You are intimately acquainted with it.

And what is called 'leaping into the abyss without a parachute', what is called the 'act of faith', is simply to leap off when you are not really sure that you can fly! It does not matter what we tell you. Even if you believe it with your intellectual mind, you do not KNOW it.

So, as you may turn around your belief structures, as you may identify that which keeps you where you are, as you identify how wondrously you create your reality moment by moment, soon that belief up here (points to head) that says you can fly becomes an absolute knowing within your heart because all of those beliefs up here really are only up here.

What we are concerned with, absolutely, is your heart. Your heart, so that you feel safe to become vulnerable, so that you feel safe to be absolutely who you are. And that occurs when you know that who you are absolutely, every facet of you, is simply an exemplification of the Source - of Creation. And you may do it step by step.

Wondrous indeed, is it not?!


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