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Love Yourself

The Beginning: Love

By Lazaris

Channelled through Jach Purcell

“You have heard it so often. Almost every ‘self-help’ and ‘how-to’ books tells you that the secret to whatever they are helping you to do is love. There are usually some glowing paragraphs that end with the wisdom that you need to love yourself more.

‘Is that it? Is that all that is going to be said?’ you wonder. Most often, yes! Everyone tells you to love yourself more. Some go further to tell you to love others, also. Very few actually tell you how to do it. How do you love? What are the specific steps?...

The truth: You know you needed to love yourself more. That’s why you started reading the book in the first place! You know what you need to do. You do not always know how to do it.

The Sacred Journey does begin with love. Admittedly, it is a cliché. Because you have heard it before, your negative ego can say you are not learning anything new here.

Well, we suppose we could say the Sacred Journey begins with covering your body with mustard and ketchup. That would satisfy your ego – you certainly have not heard that before! That it is untrue is of no consequence to the negative ego. It is new and exciting and something different. ‘Who cares about the truth?’ says the negative ego.

We are not here to entertain your negative ego. We return to the cliché about love. Sometimes a cliché is a cliché because it is an overused phrase. Sometimes it is a cliché because it is a real and understood truth. The truth is a cliché because it is the truth.

The Sacred Journey does begin with love. It begins with self-love and does expand into loving others. The Sacred Journey involves giving love, receiving love and – for many a new concept – being loved.

Whether you can do it or not, you know what giving and receiving love are about. Being loved is opening yourself up and allowing yourself to change – to really change – because someone loves you. ‘I am changing because they love me.’ The ‘they’ can be anyone.

It is most magical and mystical when that ‘they’ is your own Higher Self. ‘I am changing…I am changing because my Higher Self loves me.’ You really need no other motivation.

You already know why it is important to love. But why is love important in your relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is? The obvious. If you do not love yourself, you will not be willing to let yourself be loved by anyone, especially by All That Is. Without loving others, how can you love the most significant other there is?

The not-so-obvious: Love is an emotion and a state of being. It is both a feeling and a level of awareness. Further, it is the only feeling/awareness that transmutes, transforms and transcends all energy. It is universal. It is the only feeling/awareness that transmutes, transforms and transcends every level of consciousness. Love is the only ‘line of communication’ that reaches all the way to God/Goddess/All That Is.”

Excerpt from The Sacred Journey. You and your Higher Self.

NPN Publishing Inc., Florida, US, 1987, p.100-102.

Open Line of Communication

By Lazaris

Channelled through Jach Purcell

“Metaphysicians have often adopted the consensus reality interpretation by saying you should feel the good emotions all of the time and never feel the bad ones. Often one’s metaphysical or spiritual prowess is measures by the presence of good and the absence of bad emotions so defined by the consensus.

We would offer a more intricate view. Positive emotions are the ones that are appropriately expressed and/or released. The emphasis is on ‘appropriately.’ Sometimes that may mean direct expression – talking to the person or resolving the situation directly in your physical world. Sometimes that may mean indirect expression – talking to the person or playing through the situation in meditation.

Hate that is expressed and released appropriately is a very ‘positive’ emotion, while suppression and sublimation is very ‘negative’ and can be very dangerous. On the other hand, love which is denied and turned inward can become twisted and destructive. It can become murderous. People have been killed out of hate (Martin Luther King, Jr.), and they have been killed out of love (John Lennon), but one has been killed when that hate or love was appropriately expressed and released.

The other differentiation of emotion is more clearly between expanding and contracting emotion. This delineation conforms more completely with the concepts of yin-yang. Those emotions which expand your awareness are positive, and those which contract your awareness are negative. They are, however, neither good nor bad. Every emotion begins with the option of being expansive or contracting. Then, as you mature, your emotions stabilise.

For example, there is a time in your evolution when the expression of anger and hurt are very expansive and therefore should be called positive. However, after a certain level of advancement, anger and hurt are not bad, but they are contracting. Eventually, they become only contracting and you drop them off. You drop them off not because they are bad or wrong, but because they are contracting and your growth – your spiritual evolution – has reached the level where it is all expansive. That occurs, however, once you have expanded beyond the Physical Plane.

In our reality, for example, we know anger, but we never feel it. We know hurt, fear and despair, but we never feel them. They are contracting emotions and there is no room for them in our ever-expanding reality. Thought we do not ever feel these negative emotions – these contracting emotions – we can know what you go through when you do.

On your Physical Plane you have access to all emotion. As you grow and move to higher levels, the suppressed and potentially twisted emotions drop away. The contracting emotions also drop off. The last of the negative emotions is the fear of loneliness. It finally drops away, too.

The expressed and expansive emotions do just that – they express and expand to fill the void. Eventually even the range of positive emotion changes. The range converges. It becomes more focussed and more concentrated. Eventually the only emotion left is love.

It is then that love, the feeling, becomes Love the State of Being, the State of Consciousness. It is only then that Love is God/Goddess/All That Is.

The one fully open line of communication between you and God/Goddess/All That is is the line of love that becomes Love – or should it be LOVE?”

Excerpt from The Sacred Journey. You and your Higher Self
NPN Publishing Inc., Florida, US, 1987, p.107-109.

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