Friday, 17 August 2012

The Luminosity of the Cosmos

By Gloria Wendroff

Heaven Letters, May 2010

It is not that I will take care of you some day in the future. I am taking care of you now. I am with you from before the moment of inception, and I am not idle. I am Stillness, and yet you are in My care every moment.

This is hard for you to accept because you see disarray in life. Beyond what is seen am I, and beyond what you see is an order such as you can only guess at. You can only guess the feasibility of events, the intricacy of events and people. It is all perfectly orchestrated, beloveds, despite what you see.

If the planets revolve in the luminosity of the cosmos, and the seasons return every year, and flowers grow, and babies are born, and the sun rises, and stars come out, can you not know that I have set you in motion to the same degree?

The difference is that all of nature follows My Will. The sun, the stars, the moon follow the course I have set out for them. They seek no other. They have not free will while you do. Free will is what you have that the planets do not. Of course, they are perfectly happy to move along at the pace they do in the manner they do. They are not seekers, while you, My beloveds, you are seekers. Of necessity, you are seekers.

You seek to do My Will if you but knew what it was. You comprehend in a vague way that it is to love. Beloveds, the great service of the sun, moon, and stars is great love. Their dependability is great love. Do they not give great service to the Universe? They do not even have to think about it, their love is so great, their service so generous and affable. You, on the other hand, sit on a rock and think what to do next. A statue has been made of you sitting and thinking and wondering.

The free will that is yours is a blessing. It gives you opportunity to discover that which you seek. It makes you a hunter. It makes you a grazer. It gives you the possibility of choice, and choose you do. Choose love only, beloveds. Let go of judgement. Judgement is the thorn in your side.

Were you not to judge, everything would be all right as it is, and yet, if you were not to judge, the whole world would be different.

Without judgement, there would be no suspicion. You would not connect dots. You would not look for reasons why you are right and someone else is wrong. Letting go of judgement would not be laissez-faire. The world would not sink. It would rise, and it would leave despair behind. Disdain is the precursor to despair.

Without judgement, you would not question value. You would simply know it. You would know the value of love. Without judgement, you would know love, and you would know it without mathematics. You would know the circle of love that you are engaged in. And that means you would know Oneness, not as an idea, but as Oneness.

Judgement is your bugaboo, and yet you see it as a saving grace when, in actuality, it is a great fall from grace. Judgement puts you up, or it puts you down. With judgement, someone is always going up or down. It prevents someone from rising. It certainly prevents the one who judges.

And are you now weighing what I say the same way you weigh the value of people? This weighing delays your evolution. You want to evolve fast? Well, then, let go of judgement. Shove judgement aside, and let love ascend the throne of life in the world.

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